Family Medicine Residency Program

Community Medicine Education

Our community medicine program reflects UPMC St. Margaret's strong commitment to community health care and community service. Community medicine educational experiences are integrated into both the family medicine residency and fellowship programs. Dr. Sandy Sauereisen is the full-time Director of Community Medicine. Dr. Sauereisen is a board-certified family physician with a master's of public health from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

UPMC St. Margaret's community medicine program is multifaceted. Major components of this program include a first year outpatient health center rotation and a longitudinal community medicine project for second and third year residents. During the first year rotation, residents will be introduced to the special challenges of community health care via a home visitation program, indigent community health centers, and our school health partnership program, as well as exposure to patient/community education principles.

It is our hope that through training in COPC principles and developing strong one-on-one relationships with patients through community-based activities, residents will gain an understanding of the socio-economic, cultural, and family dynamics which characterize our community of patients. By understanding the individual in the context of family and community, the physician can employ more appropriate strategies to alter health behaviors.