Family Medicine Residency Program

Areas of Concentration

Recent trends in family medicine have indicated an increasing desire by many residents to obtain focused expertise in a given area during the completion of their residency training. The UPMC St. Margaret Family Medicine Residency has developed Areas of Concentration for individual residents. While the initial AOCs will incorporate specific subject tracks (see list below), the program remains open to individual resident created AOCs. Each AOC will require elective time commitment, a longitudinal project, a scholarly presentation, and CME attendance. Full completion of an AOC program will result in the resident receiving a certificate of recognition at graduation.

The following are the requirements to be met for resident completion of an AOC:


The AOC should be selected by the end of the PGY2 training year. Prior to AOC declaration, the resident must meet with the program director and their regular faculty advisor to discuss the AOC. At the time of declaration, residents must be in good academic standing including performing at the expected level of competency in order to be eligible for AOC participation.


The resident must have an AOC faculty sponsor. Often a specific subject (e.g.- geriatrics) will have a designated faculty sponsor. Meetings with the sponsor should occur at least three times per year.

Elective Time

A minimum of 8 weeks elective time will be spent in the AOC, with all experiences pre-approved by the faculty sponsor. The additional training should be sufficient to achieve and demonstrate the desired competencies in the AOC.

CME Attendance

One academic conference in the AOC must be attended during residency, with the pre-approval of the faculty sponsor. The resident will be expected to disseminate clinically useful, evidence-based information to resident and faculty colleagues. Funding for conference attendance will come from the resident’s CME budget, and time to travel must come from time already allocated for CME.

Scholarly Presentation

Separate from the required senior presentation, there must be a scholarly presentation in the AOC. The resident will be strongly encouraged to have such a presentation made at the county, state, regional, or national level. A copy of the presentation will be available for the resident’s permanent file.

Critical Appraisal

The resident will present a critical appraisal of an article in the AOC. Such presentation can be made in a subject-related journal club or at UPMC St. Margaret MDM rounds.

Competency Based

A written program of study and activity, designed by the resident with faculty input, should be completed with the inclusion of competency-based goals and objectives. The written program will include how the faculty will determine that additional competencies have been achieved.

Summary Letter

A letter summarizing the AOC completion, written by the faculty sponsor or residency director, will be placed in the resident’s file at the completion of training.

Current Areas of Concentration are available in the following subjects (tracks): 

  • Sports Medicine
  • Geriatrics
  • International Health
  • Academic Leadership
  • OB/Women’s Health
  • Behavioral Health
  • Hospitalist Medicine