Family Medicine Residency Program

Application Process

Application Requirements

All residents must be eligible for pharmacist licensure in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Applications for Pharmacist License and Intern Registration are available.

Pennsylvania requires 1500 registered intern hours in order to be eligible for licensure. Of the 1500 hours, only 1000 hours can be obtained through an academic program. That is, 500 intern hours must be obtained outside of school. These 1500 intern hours must be registered with a state board of pharmacy to count toward licensure in Pennsylvania. If you have not yet started registering hours with your state board of pharmacy, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible in order to be eligible for Pennsylvania licensure. We also encourage you to review your own state's rules regarding the registration, reporting and transfer of intern hours. Please do not hesitate to discuss any questions you have regarding licensure with individual program directors.

Application Process

Eligible candidates will be graduating or have graduated from an accredited school of pharmacy. Candidates must register for the Match – ASHP Residency Matching Program - and submit an application requirement via PhORCAS by January 15th. Select candidates will be invited for an on-site interview. An on-site interview is required.

PGY2 ambulatory care and geriatric residency candidates are identified in the ASHP Residency Matching Program prior to their PGY1 year. Candidates will follow Early Commitment Process in their PGY1 year to confirm acceptance into the PGY2 specialty residency program.

This residency site agrees that no person at this site will solicit, accept, or use any ranking related information from any residency candidate. 


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